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We will be immersed in the beautiful and intimate setting of Dojo Bianco, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in Italy – where we will be graciously and attentively hosted.

Everything about this unique atmosphere will be conducive to the space we will work, play and rest in.

The quality of the all that we enter, from the group space, the lodging, and the meals – to the vastness of the rural fields and mountains, the majesty of the horses, and elegance of the setting – all this will support a deep exploration of the transformational work we will do together ..This workshop explores using vitalizing interventions that are enriching and transformative in their lived experience, rather than simply reflecting on one’s own process.  

The practitioner’s ability to enact their own embodied and vitalized presence depends on participating in unconsciously driven, spontaneous, and viscerally felt encounters with their clients.

We must be capable of setting aside being helpful in order to be available.
We work with ‘active witnessing‘ by entering fully into the lived experience of another, then digesting & reflecting back to them internal conflicts and dilemmas in ways that can recognizes them, empowers them, and moves their lives forward in new ways, thus becoming better able to bear living.

This is such challenging and rewarding work: supporting the client’s growing ability to grow by facing paradox and dilemmas, tolerating uncertainty and complexity, and ultimately, accepting ‘what is’.

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